Two Boat Shows not to miss!

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Two Boat Shows in two weeks –  this is the perfect opportunity to step on board some of our latest models, take a closer look and feel the subtle differences between a craft that has withstood the test of time and other similar boats that undergo less expensive manufacturing processes.

The Cannes Yachting Festival – see the new 420 Outrage!

420 OR 2015 500 cropped

Show website:
Show dates: 8-13 September
On the water stand: Quai Max Laubeuf, #: QML 056
Display boats: 420 Outrage, 350 Outrage, 320 Vantage
On the land stand: Quai Max Laubeuf, #: QML181
Display boats: 270 Dauntless and 2 TBC  – (possibly 240 Dauntless, 190 Montauk and/or 270 Vantage)



The Southampton Boat Show – see the 210 Dauntless!

SIBs 2014 KT Cruiser 600

Show website:
Show dates: 11-20 September
On the water stand:  M306/307/308
Display boats: 210 Dauntless, 170 Supersport and 130 Supersport (TBC)

Do let us know if you plan to attend either of these shows, and we will arrange a warm Whaler welcome for you!

SIBs 2014 Team 600