Due to the unsinkable flotation design of the Boston Whalers, they have been used as lifeboats by a number of organisations over the years. Dorset Yacht Company, the U.K distributors, have supplied a number of Boston Whalers as Lifeboats, to various operators, including the Royal National Lifeboat Institution (R.N.L.I).
The Boston Whaler can be used safely for extended periods in open sea.


No matter how you cut it.

The patented design and construction of the Boston Whaler renders the boat unsinkable, even if cut in half. The use of foam intersections, with the additional use of water - tight bulkheads and access hatches, give the Boston Whaler capabilities only found in much larger craft. The special construction enables the Boston Whaler to be used as a Lifeboat. The most well-known of these is the Category "A" Class Boston Whaler Lifeboat A - 513 supplied by Dorset Yacht Company, which was stationed at Poole for a number of years and carried out numerous life-saving missions.